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Isagenix Cleansing Tips

Quick Isagenix Cleansing Tips to Get You Started Right!

Isagenix cleansing liquidPeople who are new to Isagenix cleansing often have questions about getting started on the Isagenix products. We want all our customers to get the very most out of their cleanse diet.

So, here are some quick Isagenix cleansing tips to help you get your cleanse started off right.

Isagenix Cleansing Tip #1: Set Goals

Setting goals is one of the most important steps to getting the most out of your Isagenix cleanse, yet it is often the most overlooked. Just setting a vague goal like, “I want to look better in a bikini” is not the most effective approach.

Instead, you want to set specific short-term and long-term goals for yourself. And, it’s best if you write them down somewhere that you’ll see them everyday. A good short-term goal would be, “My goal is to lose 10 pounds this month.” And, a long-term goal might be, “I want to lose 25 pounds so I can fit back in my skinny pants for summer.”

Once you’re written your goals, post them on your refrigerator and pantry door. That way, you’ll have a constant reminder of what your goals are as you’re preparing meals and snacks.

Isagenix Cleansing Tip #2: Food

One of the most difficult things people doing an Isagenix cleansing program for the first time face is being around tempting foods. That’s why it’s best that you go shopping before you start your cleanse, buying only healthy and wholesome foods.

Then, go through your home and throw away any and all junk foods from your pantry and fridge. This will eliminate temptations at home, and also make it easier for you to stick to your program.

So, what are foods you should throw away? Toss all:

  • Sweets and sugary foods (cookies, cakes, candy, soda, and juices – you want to avoid drinking hidden calories, too!)
  • Fried and breaded foods (fish sticks, french fries, potato chips, other crackers and chips)
  • Processed and refined foods and breads (TV dinners, prepared frozen foods)
  • Basically, throw away anything that isn’t as close to it’s natural state as possible (anything packaged or prepared)

And what types of foods should you buy? Shop for:

  • Lots of fresh fruits and veggies
  • Frozen veggies (for when you are in a hurry)
  • Fresh prepared salads (use low-fat, low-sugar, low-card dressing if necessary)
  • Whole grain breads, and only eat these in moderation!
  • Lean meats
  • Skim milk dairy products (skim milk, fat-free cottage cheese, fat-free unsweetened yogurt)
  • Raw nuts and seeds (eat in moderation, they are high in fat)
  • And, a water filter so you can drink plenty of pure filtered water

Isagenix Cleansing Tip #3: Planning

This goes hand-in-hand with buying foods and clearing out junk food ahead of time. Planning each day in advance will help you stick to the program over the course of your Isagenix cleansing.

The easier you make things on yourself by planning ahead and being prepared, the better your Isagenix cleansing experience will be. Make meals ahead of time and have them on hand for times when you will be away from home.

Another tip is to portion out your shakes and place them in to-go drink containers, so you can just add water, shake it, and enjoy your shakes in place of meals when you’re on the go.

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Isagenix Cleansing Closing Thoughts

By setting goals and planning ahead, you can make your first Isagenix cleansing experience a breeze. You’ll be losing weight while experiencing increased energy and health, and before you know it your first cleanse will be through!

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